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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the core features of the Battle Abacus app?

The core features of the web app are listed below:

  • Inventory: The Battle Abacus will display all of the compatible items and avatars in your connected wallet.
  • Filter Items: Easily filter through items in your inventory by Type and Rarity.
  • Drag & Drop: Drag and drop items to and from your inventory and between loadout slots.
  • Set Matching Items: Matches all matching items across all of your loadouts to their respective avatars.
  • Fill Open Slots (Matching): Matches all items on a loadout, but does not replace slots occupied by non-matching items.
  • Fill Open Slots (Highest Points): Fills any open slot on a loadout with the best available item.
  • Undo/Redo: Undo and/or redo up to 20 actions taken on the app.
  • Test Items: Create Test Items to simulate potential loadouts using customizable item types, rarities, parent collections, and parent token IDs.
  • Test Avatars: Create Test Avatars using compatible parent collections and simulate their addition to existing loadouts.
  • Import/Export Save your loadouts and re-load them at a later date. Loadouts are saved as a JSON file on your device. When importing a saved loadout, any items that no longer exist in your wallet will not be seen in the Battle Abacus app.
  • Blank Avatars: Use Blank Avatars in your loadouts.

What is battle.town?

On battle.town, holders of 10KTF NFTs can send their avatars on storyline missions using various NFTs they crafted in the 10KTF shop.

A user's total mission points are determined by the combination of crafted items equipped to their avatar for each mission.

What is the Battle Abacus NFT?

The Battle Abacus is a limited supply NFT on the Ethereum blockchain that grants access to the Battle Abacus app.

What is the Battle Abacus app?

The Battle Abacus app is a token-gated suite of tools for 10KTF's battle.town.

How do I get a Battle Abacus NFT?

Battle Abacus NFTs can be claimed 1-for-1 by holding a Rareboy Medallion.

Each Rareboy Medallion is eligible to claim 1 Battle Abacus NFT.

Battle Abacus NFTs may also be available on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea, OpenSea Pro, and Blur.

How much does it cost to claim a Battle Abacus NFT?

Free (for Rareboy Medallion holders).

How much time do I have to claim?

The Battle Abacus NFT claim will be open indefinitely.

How do I check if a Medallion has been used to claim a Battle Abacus NFT?

The Rareboy Chrome extension will be updated in the next few days to show whether a Rareboy Medallion has been used to claim a Battle Abacus directly on OpenSea and Blur collection and asset pages.

How do I access the Battle Abacus app?

Holding one of the the following NFTs is required to access the Battle Abacus app:

What happens if I transfer my Battle Abacus NFT out of my wallet?

You will lose access to the Battle Abacus app.

What happens if there are changes to Battle.town?

The Battle Abacus app will be actively updated to reflect any relevant changes to the battle.town platform.

Will the Battle Abacus NFT have future utility beyond the Battle Abacus app?

There may be future applications for the Battle Abacus NFT in the Rareboy ecosystem.